Can Biotin Help Hair Loss Individuals?

Can Biotin Help Hair Loss Individuals?

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You’ve probably heard of biotin before– that elusive vitamin often present in concoctions or supplements that promise “healthy hair, scalp, skin and nails”. Let’s focus on the “healthy hair and scalp” bit and cut to the chase. Are the rumors true? Can biotin help hair loss individuals– (possibly you?)

The answer isn’t as straightforward as we’d like. Biotin is a B-vitamin– also known as vitamin H– and is crucial for body functions such as cell growth and cell energy production. There are no clinical studies that validate the use of biotin for the reversal of hair loss; however biotin is well known for influencing healthy hair positively, i.e.– making it grow longer and faster. 

Do yourself a favor and search for ‘natural hair growth supplements’ on the Internet. Whatever other vitamins or compounds may be present in the numerous products that pop up on your screen, biotin is always present. While the other ingredients could possibly also offer hair benefits, one truth remains: biotin is the common denominator. This speaks volume regarding its crucial role. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t realize this and some of these products can cost up to over $100. A bottle of biotin is available at your local pharmacy, probably for less than $10.

Okay, so apart from serving the needs of outgrowing a terrible haircut, what other functions does biotin play when it comes to hair?

While biotin is found in common foods such as eggs and certain types of nuts, fruits and veggies, there is no test that can determine if you, the reader of this blog, are biotin-deficient. Any type of deficiency does nothing for your health and compromises your immune system, which in turn greatly affects your hair (or lack there of). Biotin also has remarkable properties when it comes to deterring hormones and chemicals that provoke hair loss. So if you are struggling with thinning hair, there is absolutely no harm in guaranteeing your cellular energy production is at its max by taking a daily dose of biotin. It’s easy, cheap and there’s no risk of toxicity involved since biotin is water-soluble.

So amongst other things, we’ve established that biotin is extremely beneficial for healthy hair... but what good is that if your hair is thinning out? The last thing you need is longer hair that grows and breaks faster due to biotin. Looks like we’re missing a piece of the puzzle. So how do we fill out the equation? Biotin + WHAT = GREAT HAIR LOSS REGIMEN? As it turns out, incorporating a dose of biotin while dosing the base of your hair follicles with laser energy can work wonders. That’s right­– we’re talking about the powers of combining biotin with laser hair growth therapy.

Laser hair growth therapy, as you might know, is a 100% natural solution to hair loss and is backed up by decades of clinical research that prove its efficacy to 1) minimize shedding, 2) promote new hair growth and 3) thicken the shaft of hair. It’s pretty much a no-brainer to start combining a daily dose of biotin with weekly doses of laser energy, so anyone wishing to reverse or even prevent hair loss shouldn’t hesitate to begin Theradome treatments in conjunction with taking biotin supplements.

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