How Long Should You Continue Using Theradome?

How Long Should You Continue Using Theradome?

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Investing in laser hair restoration by purchasing the ultramodern, FDA-cleared, and revolutionary Theradome LH80 PRO helmet is the best decision you can make to fight hair loss. It’s time to reclaim what you deserve to have: the full head of thick, healthy hair you’ve been picturing while standing in front of the mirror. And what better way is there for your mirror to stop projecting your dreams and start reflecting reality than to start hair loss treatments at home?

Chances are you’ve become familiar with how to use your laser helmet: twice-a-week, 20-minute sessions is all you need at the bare minimum….but for how long? How long should you keep on undergoing laser hair therapy?

The reason why our Theradome LH80 PRO laser helmet works so effectively against hair loss is because its technology factors in everything needed to energize your hair follicles. By everything, we mean every variable required for successful laser hair growth is accounted for. Our 80 lasers have an optimized wavelength of 678 ± 8 nm, which work together to produce the perfect energy density required to stimulate the stem cells at the base of your hair follicles. Add a mere treatment session time of only 20 minutes and voilà, your laser hair restoration therapy is pre-ordained to inundate your hair with vigor and life.

Just like the alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun makes for a spectacular sighting, aligning the specifications mentioned above makes for a spectacular laser helmet: one that reaches the base of a hair follicle. The Theradome LH80 PRO is designed specifically to optimize laser hair restoration by ensuring your hair loss treatments at home penetrates your scalp at just the right depth. Only then will your hair follicles receive the laser energy they lack to stay healthy and grow into thicker, healthier hair.

Perhaps you’ve figured out where we’re going with this. There’s a reason why your hair has been falling out, despite what the reflection of your dreams wants you to see. For whatever reason, whether it be stress, hormone levels, the environment, or simply bad luck (a.k.a.– DNA), your hair is simply not getting enough energy from nutrients to thrive. To grow to its full potential, it needs extra help, which your laser hair therapy is more than happy to deliver in the form of potent laser light.

So if you stop using your laser helmet, where will your hair harness the energy it needs in order to keep flourishing in the luxurious garden to which it belongs? No energy means no flourishing, and the garden eventually (and sadly) turns to weeds.

To obtain great dental health, you don’t brush your teeth twice a day for six months and then stop. It’s a lifestyle habit that requires minimal effort from your part (and will attract a minimal amount of people if you choose not to adopt it). The same principle applies for laser hair restoration. That’s why it’s important to select a laser helmet that's comfortable, hands-free, cordless and convenient, such as the Theradome LH80 PRO, whose lasers are designed to operate for up to 6,000 hours of treatment time. This is equivalent to slightly over 100 years of usage.

So to maintain your new, healthy head of hair, you’ll need to make permanent room for laser hair restoration in your life to ensure you keep smiling in the mirror…. wearing your laser helmet as a new partner for it too now belongs in your life. Or as the saying goes, “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.”

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