The Perfect Energy Dose For Laser Hair Therapy

The Perfect Energy Dose For Laser Hair Therapy

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Laser hair therapy is just like any other type of medication, except that it’s a natural solution to hair loss with no harmful side effects. If you become ill and pay your doctor a visit, he/she may prescribe a precise dose of medicine to remedy whatever symptoms you are experiencing. The same concept applies to laser hair growth treatments. If your hair loss doesn’t get treated with the right “medical dose”– in this case energy in the form of coherent laser light– then your hair growth treatments might as well consist of making small offerings to the beautiful and wise warrior goddess Athena, who, incidentally, is also always artistically portrayed has having thick locks of ravishing hair.

So what is energy, exactly, and how do we calculate what dosage is needed during laser hair therapy?

Energy and power are often mistakenly interchanged when discussing laser hair growth treatments. The first step should then consist of clearing up this horrendous mistake. By sorting through your fond memories of attending physics classes, you’ll recall that light is made up of small bundles of energy called “photons”, and the speed at which these particles oscillate (measured as frequency or wavelength) determines the energy they carry. Keeping this in mind, energy is measured in joules. Power, on the other hand, is measured in watts, and is simply equal to energy divided by time. So one watt is power is one joule of energy delivered in a time lapse of 1 second.

No need to contemplate worshipping Athena or relaying on her well-known wits and wisdom; this is as complex as our explanation of hair growth treatment energy dosage will get. In fact, it turns out the Swedish Medical Laser Society has already done most of the hard work for us. The professional organization, founded in 1989, calculated that ideal laser hair growth treatments should deliver an optimal energy dose to the base of a hair follicle, which is located at a depth of 3 to 5 mm underneath the scalp.

So how do we ensure the above is translated properly into giving you the thick, lustrous mane you deserve? Addressing the beautiful and intelligent warrior goddess may or may not be effective; however, conducting your at home hair loss treatments with a laser helmet that achieves incomparable scientific brilliance by following strict standards should definitely put you on the right track. As opposed to laser combs, which graze your scalp for an average of 4 to 30 seconds, or deceptive Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices, which never penetrate the scalp at the required depth, the Theradome LH80 PRO laser hair growth helmet is secured on your head for a very specific reason. The same scalp areas need to be treated by powerful, coherent laser light for hair growth treatment to be effective. And only within a time window of 20 minutes can these laser beams transverse your scalp, bravely overcoming all obstacles in their way, and deliver an optimal dose of energy (as recommended by the Swedish Medical Society) to the base of your malnourished hair follicles.

A laser hair growth helmet like the Theradome LH80 PRO is the ultimate at home hair loss treatment solution as laser hair therapy not only combines decades of clinical trials, but the Theradome's convenient, hands free and cordless features ensure treatments will never hinder your lifestyle. That being said, we have no clinical trials that involve imploring the beautiful, intelligent warrior goddess Athena but feel free to include thoughts of her while undergoing laser hair therapy with Theradome.

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