The Ten Commandments of Laser Phototherapy

The Ten Commandments of Laser Phototherapy

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The new craze for hair restoration has many names, but they all refer to the same practice: laser hair therapy, also known as Laser Phototherapy (LPT), Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Low Power Laser Therapy (LPLT), Laser Biostimulation, and many others. Ironically, there are a lot more LPT devices available to the consumer today than its terminology allows for, which brings up another question: what are the golden rules for selecting an LPT device that reverses hair loss? In the recent, lingering spirit of Easter and Passover, here are the Ten Commandments of Laser Phototherapy, which are NEVER to be broken.

I. Thou shalt believe in the scientific truth of Energy Dosage

To reverse hair loss at a cellular level, the mitochondria of hair cells need to be revived. This entails irradiating the base of hair follicles with an optimal dosage of energy (between 6 to 10 J/cm2 ), which is calculated based on the power density of a device and its treatment time. Only with an optimal dosage of energy can the mitochondria function at its maximum capacity again: it converts light energy into chemical energy, which can now be utilized by malnourished hair follicles. Should this principle not be observed, then your LPT sessions will amount to an utter waste of time.

II. Thou shalt utilize devices that offer full scalp coverage

There’s no reason to complicate your life by picking a device that doesn’t address all of your problem areas in one easy, single treatment session. An LPT device that is manufactured scientifically will also treat scalp areas that aren’t in direct contact with lasers, but can still benefit immensely from the production of ATP and release of nitric oxide.

III. Thou shalt always utilize devices that reach the base of hair follicles

If the base of hair follicles isn’t treated, where most of their stem cells are energetically conglomerating, then again, your LPT goals will be not be met. So stay away from dubious hair systems that weaken their power output by sneaking in Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) within laser diodes.

Only lasers propagate coherently and have the power to penetrate the scalp and reach the base of hair follicles. Light-Emitting Diodes shine incoherently, meaning their light waves aren’t aligned; thus they lose most of their power as their light propagates. Always use an LPT device that’s 100% engineered with laser diodes and which outputs continuous light: only then can your hair follicles absorb an optimal amount of energy to become healthy and grow.

IV. Thou shalt not utilize devices that output heat

Laser Phototherapy devices should never store heat and should always be equipped with an adequate ventilation system. Heat is not the mechanism of action for hair follicle stimulation, not to mention can damage the scalp.

Laser caps are assembled in China and often trap heat in their small enclosures. Most of them are assembled with an extravagant number of pulsed lasers (over 200), which function by turning OFF and ON during a treatment to avoid causing an excess of heat. In the end, buying a contraption with over 200 lasers means paying for extra lasers that do nothing for the health of your scalp and hair.

V. Thou shalt not use short-treatment time contraptions

Any type of gadget, such as laser bands, that claims to restore hair in 30-second bursts of laser light should be disregarded instantly: it means an insignificant amount of energy is being shined on your scalp. In case of doubt, always refer to Commandment I: Thou shalt believe in the scientific truth of Energy Dosage.

Thirty seconds is very short, so laser bands have recently switched to being advertised as being 15-minute treatments. And keep in mind that the manufacturer of laser bands is also known for their laser combs, which expose individual scalp areas for only about 4 seconds. Jumping from 4 to 30 seconds and then to 15 minutes seems rather inconsistent. Moral of the story: don’t buy any of their products. They will not regrow your hair.

VI. Thou shalt not spend a fortune

Laser cap contraptions are priced extravagantly with their high number of pulsed lasers, which, as we’ve mentioned above, do very little when it comes to increasing hair count. Rather, the increase that’s usually seen is monetary and is gained by the manufacturer.

Stay away from laser clinics, as treatment expenses can tally all the way up to $10,000 over the course of ten years. This doesn’t include inconvenience: driving to a location, scheduling appointments and of course taking time off. Why subject yourself to all of this while you could be undergoing LPT sessions in the comfort of your own home and at an affordable cost?

VII. Thou shalt not waste time in front of thy mirror

Why would you want to waste time combing your hair with some type of laser comb contraption that exposes different areas of the scalp during an inconvenient, lengthy treatment session? Combing your hair for 20 minutes is not a convenient method of regrowing your hair. Not only do laser combs become a burden to your lifestyle but also fail to provide an optimal dosage of energy to the base of hair follicles. Don’t throw away your money down the drain.

VIII. Thou shalt not attempt to regrow hair with the wrong wavelength

Hair follicles respond extremely well to wavelengths of around 680 nm. This concept was first discovered by Dr. Endre Mester in the 1960s and has since been proven in multiple clinical trials. Any contraption that does not propagate light at this optimized wavelength will fail to restore your hair.

IX. Thou shalt utilize a device that is recommended by experts

Hair loss is a complex medical condition, and needs treatment founded on accurate medical science and expert technology. Don’t resort to purchasing a flashy contraption pimped out on home-shopping TV channels. Pick a medical device sold in thousands of medical clinics worldwide and is recommended by top industry leaders.

X. Thou shalt not purchase devices manufactured overseas

Last but not least: never pick an LPT contraption that has been manufactured overseas. Standards of engineering and quality control vary greatly from those used in the United States. If you think about it, outsourcing any medical equipment, device or instrument in China is an oxymoron, including devices meant to regrow hair.

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